This is a Mastodon bot that posts self care activities as inspiration on how to practice self care or reminders to do so. I mostly wrote it as reminders for myself.

Updated 1 year ago

Code for WTFxUS base site.

Updated 1 year ago

WTF homepage using Hugo

Updated 1 year ago

I was having issues with ValheimVRM being outdated and the new fork by aMidnightNova not unzipping right from their github so these are current (5/23/24) Valheim game files that should work with ValheimVRM. To use it, make a copy of 'settings____Default.txt' and rename it to 'settings_[YOUR_CHARACTER_NAME].txt'. Then add your vrm model as [YOUR_CHARACTER_NAME].vrm in the same folder.

Updated 2 months ago

repo of random txt docs I make for reference

Updated 1 month ago